Crafts from Voss - Norwegian Bunad silver
How to store your bunad silver

How to store your bunad silver

To keep your Norwegian bunad silver looking good and to retain its shine, it should be stored properly.

Storage of bunad silver

Just like you wash the bunad shirt after use, you should do the same with the bunad silver before you hide it away. That way you will avoid corrosion from any stains and dirt while it is packed away.

A good piece of advice here is to wash the silver with washing-up liquid and ammonia, which will remove grease and dirt easily. The procedure and recipe for this mixture can be found here.

If you do this before you pack the silver away, you will save yourself work when you want to use it again. The bunad silver will be fully ready for use and the next time you pack it away, you may just need to go over it lightly with a cleaning cloth.

How to optimally store your bunad silver:

  1. Clean
  2. Dark
  3. Dry
  4. Airtight

To keep bunad silver looking its best, here are some tips to remember when packing it away. Light can affect the colour of the silver over time. The shiny surfaces can become dull and silver in particular may turn yellow.

Dampness and salt can also lead to discolouration. Therefore, the silver should be washed to prevent sweat and perfume leaving any marks. Rinse well after washing to avoid soap stains and dry thoroughly. Using a hair dryer is a good idea.

It's often said that the silver oxidises and becomes dark when exposed to air but that is not entirely correct. Pure air or oxygen will not result in oxidation. There are different gases in the air that cause this reaction over time, including ozone and sulphur. That's why it's important to store the silver as sealed as possible and preferably in acid-free zip bags that are both airtight and waterproof.

This box is ideal for storing bunad silver and has inserts with different pockets that are treated with an antioxidant agent. The storage box has a practical design and can be used as a travel case if you are going somewhere with your silver and bunad.

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Store the bunad silver in a dark, dry and airtight place. The bunad silver will then retain its shine and look its best next time you use it.

NB! Never use rubber bands as they contain sulphur, which causes oxidation and dirty spots.