80 years of shining craftsmanship from Voss

With love for our profession, we have been making bunad silver of the highest quality in our workshop for 80 years. Today, Sylvsmidja is Norway's leading manufacturer of what makes the bunad shine.

Traditional craftsmanship

Sylvsmidja is based on a long history of traditional craftsmanship. For 80 years we have perfected the craftsmanship and the way in which we make bunad silver that will last for generations. Our skilled silversmiths and goldsmiths have many years' experience and broad knowledge of bunad silver.

"Love shines in the craftsmanship. It shines since nothing is left to chance."

Our responsible producer seal - a drinking horn shaped like a J, is stamped on the back of all our products. This is also a mark of quality that gives you a lifetime guarantee. * Therefore, you can be sure that our bunad silver is of the best quality.

* Lifetime guarantee applies to Sylvsmidja bunad silver. If the bunad silver is damaged or destroyed due to a manufacturing fault, we will replace it.

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«Only the best bunad silver survives for generations and is inherited.»

Genuine Norwegian bunad silver

Our bunad silver is originally based on old, local traditions of craftsmanship that are based on old costume silver used in the districts of Norway. There is a lot of secrecy, mystery and history in the bunad silver.

We place a big emphasis on protecting the Norwegian tradition of bunad silver and this is our joint cultural heritage and one that we are proud to continue.

From the smallest silver button on the bunad shirt to the magnificent brooch on the chest - It is genuine Norwegian bunad silver made in Voss.

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«Only genuine bunad silver tells stories.»

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«Only the right bunad silver is good enough.»

Master goldsmith from Bergen

It starts small - One man with a vision and a passion for the profession of a goldsmith...

Leif and Betzy lay the foundations for the workshop

Master goldsmith, Leif Johannessen (1892-1964) taught at Bergen School of Arts and Crafts and enjoyed great respect amongst both students and colleagues. During the 1930s economic crisis the demand for goldsmiths and the work of goldsmiths decreased and training in the goldsmith profession also declined. For a time, he also ran a workshop in Bergen but the idea of establishing himself in Voss grew stronger.

The decision was made in 1940. Leif and his wife Betzy took their 5 children and moved to Voss. In a room measuring 12 sqm, the couple established both a workshop and a shop and despite lean times and the war years, there would turn out to be - as there is today - a great demand for things that sparkle.

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- Perhaps the name should have been Silversmith? It came from Betzy - who was originally from Bergen. Then Nils Repål from Kyte in Voss - a close friend of Leif and Betzy objected: - No, they'll be based at Voss but should be called Sylvsmidja!

(Excerpt from Sylvsmidja's 75th anniversary book, Edelt Handverk by Nils Kvamsdal)

And that's what it became.

They stamped the backs of all the jewellery with a J shape like a drinking horn, so that everyone who bought it could be sure that they owned a piece of genuine Sylvsmidja jewellery. Our silver still bears this mark, in memory and honour of Leif and Betzy.

Sylvsmidja also makes the SPOR jewellery collection